Voo Doo Doctor

So, its been a while since my last post. What? Things came up… back off.

I have some digestive… hmm, lets say challenges. These issues were what prompted me to try to start cooking through the Nourishing Traditions methods. Things were improving slightly and I had gotten myself out of a flare up. As the life stresses increased, my patience waned and my diet reverted back to easy foods (see also, processed and frozen boxes). When my diet reverted, so did the progress I made with my gut…

My mom has been telling me for months to go to talk to her voo doo doctor and I had been procrastinating. Well, I finally called her. She is awesome. Her name is Renee Detky and shes in Florida. She is not a real voo doo doctor. Renee actually has a Phd in blood chemistry and natural health. She gave me a specific panel of blood work to have drawn and then analyzed it under “functional ranges”. As she explained it, each lab has their own specific acceptable range that is applied to everyone. Renee looks at a tighter functional range and is able to extrapolate problems or potential problems based on what she sees.

I had been worried about what she would find, but I cannot express the relief I felt when she said I was “an easy case”. Never been called that before! I have been to a handful of MD’s that say everything is fine and all my test results are normal. My standard response is “then why don’t I feel normal?” I’ve changed my diet so many times I get dizzy thinking about it. There were a couple times I thought I was on to something, but I suspect I didn’t continue the abstinence of that item long enough. My low to no gluten week was the most successful, but I was negative for celiac and I love bread. Needless-to-say, it didn’t last long.

Renee had some interesting suggestions and put me on another new diet. She says that I’m hypoglycemic and slightly anemic. My sugar intake (see also, Twizzlers for breakfast) was both masking and compounding my issues. So, no more refined sugar. Besides the sugar naturally occurring in my food, I am only allowed to have honey and stevia. Whoa. Big change number 1… She advocates no gluten, for anyone. [Sigh] No bread. Finally, the kicker, no grains or starches. Period. That means no potatoes, rice, oatmeal or any of the other alternative grains that the gluten-free people get to use. I have been slowly memorizing the huge list of legal and illegal foods. The book Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall is sorta the bible for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I have been following Renee’s directives, but this book will be my next purchase.

I can say, that after almost 1 month of eating based on the SCD, I’ve seen some drastic improvements in my digestion and energy levels. However, I am starting to miss my baked goods. I predict that we will be trying some grain-free muffin recipes soon.


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