best grain-free pancakes I’ve ever had!

[updated 10/15/12]

pancakes? flapjacks?… hotcakes??
Whatever you call them, I’ve missed them.

The following recipe is for the best grain-free pancakes I’ve ever had. Never mind, that they are the only grain-free pancakes I’ve ever eaten…

As weekends go, I had a pretty good one. I went to visit my parents in Florida. My sister is getting married soon and we had a full schedule of showers and parties for her on Saturday. By Sunday morning, we were whipped.

Despite all the running around, there is always something so relaxing about being at my parents home. Maybe because my mom is a very special lady. She has always been so supportive of me – in ALL my endeavors. This was the first weekend I had to eat food prepared by others. She surprised me by spending over 20$ to purchase almond meal and coconut flour to make pancakes!

I was quite impressed!! They weren’t perfect, but we sat down and made some corrections to the recipe…The full recipe is listed below with our suggestions in [brackets]. She also made a honey butter syrup that is a definite necessity!

Almost every online review of almond flour I’ve seen advises against using Bob’s Red Mill. I have been using Bobs as it is easily accessible in my local grocery store and I haven’t had the funds to try other brands online. I hadn’t had perceived any issues until Sunday. Most complain that the texture is not fine enough. There was a noticeable texture difference in the final pancake using Bob’s products. We both agreed that they were reminiscent cornmeal cakes. I have not tried Honeyville, but most seem to recommend this brand. According to the website, Honeyville offers blanched almond flour (skins removed), lower price per pound (for 5#’s) and more convenient quantities, but must be purchased online. If you do use Bob’s Red Mill, I have found that mixing the ingredients and pulsing in the blender for 30sec-1min helps smooth the texture a bit.

pancake batter

on the griddle

Here is a shot of my first short stack with bacon and honey butter syrup!

shortstack by kellymarie.yoder
shortstack, a photo by kellymarie.yoder on Flickr.

-from Paleo Plan

1 cup almond flour
1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
1 TBSP coconut flour
2 eggs
1/4 cup club soda water (makes them fluffier, can use plain water if needed)
1/4 tsp freshly grated nutmeg
1/4 tsp sea salt [increased to 1/2 tsp]
[1/2 tsp baking soda]
[2 tsp honey]
coconut oil or butter [your preference]
fresh berries (optional)

Combine all ingredients except club soda and mix together completely in a blender for 30seconds-1min. Add the soda water and mix till combined. The batter will appear a little thicker than normal mix – that’s good, it needs to be. Heat a frying pan over medium-low heat with 1 tsp coconut oil/butter. Drop 1/4 cup of batter onto the hot pan. Depending on consistency, you may need to spread out batter slightly. If they are too thick, they will not cook evenly. Flip like a normal pancake when the bubbles start showing up on the top, and cook for another minute or two. Add more oil/butter to the pan and repeat with remaining batter. Cook slow, they brown quickly.
Top with fresh berries [and/or honey butter syrup below!].


1/2 cup butter (1 stick)
3 1/2 tbsps honey
1 tbsp milk [omit if following SCD]
1 pinch cinnamon
1 pinch nutmeg
melt butter in small saucepan. remove from heat and add remaining ingredients. stir until combined thoroughly. serve warm.
 Update: 10/15/12 – I made these this weekend for my husband and did not have any soda water. I added 1/4 C of apple cider instead. They were fantastic!

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