Delicious and super easy weeknight dinner

Sorry, this was supposed to be posted last night, but I fell asleep sitting up with my computer in my lap…

Last week felt really long. Heck, it was long. I put in way too much overtime, delivered a couple challenging prosthetics, was a speaker for a physical therapy continuing education course sponsored by my office and worked as an OT both Saturday and Sunday (I hate public speaking, but that’s a whole other post).

I had planned to cook an actual meal last week; but, with all the late nights, it just didn’t happen. Need-less-to-say, I ate a lot of scrambled eggs. Who wants to see a post on that…?

In an effort to utilize what food was already in my apartment, I made my favorite go-to meal. Roast chicken and vegetables, yum. Again, I was craving something starchy… enter butternut squash.

It can be so hard to cook for 1. When I’m away from home I find I cook for 4 and have great leftovers for lunch all week.

I have really come to like squash! My mom never thought she’d see the day I’d eat cooked vegetables, but here it is!

My favorite part about this meal is how simple and versatile it is. I use this recipe for roasting whole chickens or just parts, as seen below (even my Thanksgiving turkey gets a close variation). It works great for all of them (just adjust your cooking times!).

If you use option 2, feel free to add additional chopped herbs or fresh garlic to your taste. I’ve used both rosemary and parsley before and it’s fantastic. Fresh garlic can work well too, but I find it burns too quickly if on top of the chicken.

Don’t get too jealous of my fancy dinner-ware. I save my best paper china for my photo-ops…



3-4 lbs chicken (with skin and bones)
2TBSP butter
1TBSP coconut oil
1tsp garlic powder
Salt/pepper to taste

There are two ways to do this. I usually base my decision on how dirty I feel like getting my hands and how many pieces I’m doing – whole bird, option 2; 8 thighs, option 1.

Option 1: Melt butter and coconut oil and pour over chicken. Sprinkle with salt/pepper and garlic.

Option 2: Combine softened butter and coconut oil and all seasonings. Separate skin from chicken by running fingers between skin and meat. Fill cavities under skin with seasoned butter mix.

Once chicken is prepared, bake at 350degrees until internal temperature reaches 165degrees. (Roughly: chicken thighs 30-40mins; whole bird 75-90mins).

roasted squash


1-2pound butternut squash
1TBSP butter
1TBSP coconut oil
Salt/pepper to taste

Peel and dice butternut squash. Melt butter and oil and pour over squash. Season with salt/pepper. Bake at 350degrees for 30-40mins. Use spatula to toss/rotate pieces every 10-15mins to keep from burning. Make sure to use a sheet pan with at least a little side edge – the squash can put out a bit of water.


7 responses to “Delicious and super easy weeknight dinner

  1. Interesting how you mix the butter with the coconut oil… what made you decide on that?

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