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IT’S ALIVE! (another attempt at growing stuff from seed…)

Well. I seem to have developed an obsession with learning to garden. Its been going on for some time, now. I guess it could be worse… I could have an obsession with marshmellow fluff or cabbage patch dolls (remember those?). I had one. Her name was Elaine.

Err, yea. Back to the topic. There are a few problems with me having a gardening obsession. First, I live in an apartment 2.5 hours from my actual home Monday through Friday. This does not really set me up for good watering and weeding habits. Second, our house is on a lot that is approximately 60×40 sq feet. That’s small. The dog has taken over the small fenced in corner and due to his propensity for peeing acid rain, any plant, potted or in the ground, doesn’t stand a chance. Finally, while I can’t see it, I think my thumbs are black.

On the flip side, my husband has 2 green hands.

I had successfully germinated several key lime seeds a few months back. They were doing really well growing on the window sill. Then, one day when I came home from work, the dog had gotten sick. Four times to be exact. As I was going around cleaning up his mess, I noticed the planter (that had once held my seedlings) had been knocked off the sill. Dirt was strewn all over and my seedlings were no where to be found.

See, the dog will go eat grass or leaves when his stomach is upset. Being that this was the only green thing accessible in my tiny apartment, I’m assuming he sacrificed them for his welfare. I just can’t seem to win.

Jack by kellymarie.yoder
Jack, a photo by kellymarie.yoder on Flickr.

But that hasn’t stop me from trying again… Its hard to get citrus shipped to the south. So come hell or high water (or another attack from the dog), I’m gonna figure this growing thing out.

Here’s the first picture of my newly germinating seedlings. I think I went a little overboard with the number I planted, but I was worried about my success rate.

key limes by kellymarie.yoder
key limes, a photo by kellymarie.yoder on Flickr.

I can’t wait to make some recipes from my home grown key lime plants!