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“Mock”-sgiving: SCD Pecan Pie!!

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.”
-Hunter S. Thompson

Still trying to get ready for Thanksgiving.

I’ve been mulling over some thoughts on an SCD pecan pie for a couple weeks now. I found a couple recipes via Google search, but had some personal issues with the amount of honey they require (some up to 1  1/2C!). With my hypoglycemic issues, its important not to cause BIG spikes in my blood sugar. Second, honey can be a bit intense and over powering. It is pecan pie after all.

The husband and I like LARA bars. They are made entirely of fruit and nuts and the only prepackaged food I’ve found that fits into the SCD (lemon is my favorite!). The primary ingredient in most of the bars is dates. That got me thinking…

Could we incorporate dates into the filling and reduce the honey?

As it turns out – Yes, we can! It’s not the simplest recipe, but it’s definitely worth it in the end.

I got the recipe for the pie crust from my new cookbook, Grain-Free Gourmet. It works well – reminiscent of a graham cracker crust. I think next time I’d make some small changes, but I’ll write about that when/if I actually do it.

First things first: Soaking nuts. It is really important to prepare foods to increase your ability to digest them. By soaking raw nuts, you remove a majority of the tannins and decrease the phytates and inhibiting enzymes that can cause digestive distress. Plus, it makes them taste so much better.

They will stay good for 2-3 days after soaking. If you plan to prepare a large quantity, I’d recommend that you also dry them after soaking.

Nourishing Traditions (Fallon) – link in Resources

1C nuts (in this case Pecans)
2C filtered water
1/2tsp sea salt (see post on sea salt here.)

Combine ingredients in jar, shake well and leave on counter overnight. Drain and rinse well. Refrigerate for 2-3 days or dehydrate at 105degrees for 10-12 hours.

Grain-Free Gourmet (Bager & Lass, 2010)

Makes 1 9″ pie crust
1 1/2C almond flour
3TBSP butter (cold, cut in pieces)
2TBSP honey [I only used 1TBSP]
1/8tsp baking soda
1/4tsp salt

Preheat oven to 300degrees. Combine all ingredients. Using pastry cutter or food processor, cut in butter or pulse until it begins to form a ball. Place dough ball between 2 pieces of plastic wrap/parchment and roll out to 11″ round. Place on sheet pan and refrigerate for minimum of 15mins. Remove from fridge and peel off one side of plastic wrap. Working quickly, invert pastry round into pie plate and peel off remaining plastic. Patch any holes. Dock crust with a fork. Bake for 10 to 15mins until it just starts to brown. Set aside.

pie crust doughpie crust rolledpie crust panpie crust dockedpie crust bakeddates and honeydates and eggsdates and pecanspie crust filled


1C pitted dates (heaping)
1 1/4C filtered water
1/2C honey
3TBSP butter
3 eggs – lightly beaten
1/2tsp vanilla
1tsp salt
2C soaked pecans (roughly chopped)

Combine dates and water in saucepan and soak for 1hour.
Turn heat on medium and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 20mins with lid on. (optional: remove some of the floating skins, not necessary, they just bothered me). Pour into blender (be careful, it is hot after all) and puree until smooth. Return to sauce pan and add honey. Bring mixture back to a simmer – stirring constantly – for 5 mins. Remove from heat, add butter and stir to combine. Set aside until mixture is cool to the touch and has thickened. Add eggs, vanilla and salt to date/honey mixture – stir to combine then add in pecans. Pour into prepared pie crust. Bake at 300degrees for 40 to 50mins. When you shake the pie pan the mixture should barely shake/jiggle in the center. Remove from oven and cool.

and the finished pie! ta-daa!

pecan pie plated

The husband, who is not usually a huge fan of pecan pie, loves it! Give it a try. Please let me know what you think!!!


Hello apple season!

I’ve missed you.

Changing to the SCD diet this summer has made me acutely aware of which fruit is in season and when. My Publix store had very scarce apple cartons last week, but on Monday, they were stocked full. Regardless of being in season, I usually find myself picking up a couple Fuji or Honeycrisps each week. I know full well that the nutritional quantities change with storage, but they still taste so good.

I have dreams of becoming a gardener. My husband finds this hilarious. He refers to my planters as sarcophagus’s and my recent pruning of the jasmine – attempted herbicide… (Its now thriving, just so you know). In my gardening dreams, I have apple trees. Maybe I should pause here for a minute to tell you now that I’m a researcher to the core. If I find something that peaks my interest, I need to know everything I can find – all sides of the story. As such, I now have gardening catalogs coming to my house and saved websites in my bookmarks; one cannot be too prepared. I know that the Fuji apple is one of the best storing apples and I’ve memorized the harvest times for several of my favorite varieties.

I was browsing a couple different sites and came across an apple upside down cake. I stared for a while, drooled a bit, and then jumped up and ran to the kitchen. I didn’t have time to make a cake at 9pm on a Sunday, but I did have apples and an apple baker! I’ve thrown this together a couple times before with mixed results. I suppose I could find an actual recipe online, but this one came out pretty good. If you don’t have an apple baker, don’t worry, just use any small dish (or heck make 4 and put them in an 8×8!).

Welcome Back Apples!


1tbsp honey
2tbsp butter melted
1tsp cinnamon
1/4C chopped nuts (my husband thought there should be more-add to your taste!)
1 apple pealed/cored (sweet variety – Fuji is my favorite)
salt to taste

Preheat oven to 375degrees. Mix butter and honey. Make small vertical slits around the apple (careful not to cut all the way through) about every 1/2″ – 1″ to promote even cooking. Pour over prepared apple, sprinkle with salt and cinnamon and nuts.

BAKED APPLE by kellymarie.yoder
BAKED APPLE, a photo by kellymarie.yoder on Flickr.