This is a running list of resources I’ve found useful. I intend to update it as I find more information. If you have any suggestions, please add them to the comments below! (last updated 11/14/12)


  • Breaking the Vicious Cycle: this is THE book and the official website.
  • SCD Recipe: provides recipes submitted by readers. check recipes carefully, I’ve seen a couple using illegal foods.
  • Legal/Illegal list: there are A LOT of foods listed on this page alphabetically. its not as overwhelming as it looks at first. focus on what foods you eat and expand your knowledge from there.



  • Almond Meal/Flour: A must for baking. Several brands are available, including Bobs Red Mill and Honeyville. (I have only used Bobs – with pretty good results. Most people/blogs I’ve read recommend Honeyville). I find Bobs at my local grocery store but Honeyville is available only online.
  • Egg White Protein Powder:  I use Vitol Brand, Vanilla Ice Cream flavor. I’ve ordered from 2 places. My husband regularly uses A1Supplements (they only offer 12oz container). Recently, I purchased a 40oz container from Dr.Vita. (Their price is excellent but they ship from CA and it took 9 business days to arrive.)
  • Celtic Sea Salt: There are several varieties available. The most basic is the unprocessed light grey coarse salt.
  • Honey: Savannah Bee Company offers a variety of flavors and types of honey (comb, whipped and regular) and body care products. If you are in the Low Country, you should stop and visit them for a tasting or just order online!
  • Cod Liver Oil: Nourishing Traditions recommends a larger amount than the standard daily intake. The theory is that you can consume higher quantities from natural sources unlike you can from synthetic vitamins. Check out Green Pastures for Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil. They work best when taken together.

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